We have prepared this website to answer some of the questions that prospective models may have. Please take time to look around! If you don't find an answer to your question here, please feel free to contact us for further information.

Do I need to be a professional model to qualify for a photoshoot?
No, we photograph men, women and families without any experience. The only requirements are:

  • You have the ability to display emotion on demand
  • You can follow instruction
  • You are not camera-shy

What do I get for the photoshoot?
We work on a TFCD (time for CD) basis with all of our models. At the end of the shoot, you will receive a CD containing all of the photo from the shoot. If you would like, we can also provide you with CD of edited photos (up to 20) about a week after the shoot as well as those same photos as 4x6 prints.

How much will the photoshoot cost me?
The photoshoot is absolutely FREE. Photography agencies charge between $300 - $600 dollars for the same service that we provide. The only thing that we ask is that you sign a model release form. A model release is a document which enables us to sell the photos under a royalty free licence. You can read the model release form by clicking here.

What sort of photos will be taken during the photoshoot?
Generally, we shoot business, health, holiday and lifestyle. We encourage our models to come up with their own ideas prior to the shoot as well. It is important to us that you leave happy with the photos taken. Please see our portfolio for examples.

Where do the photoshoots take place?
They take place in our home-studio in Deansboro, about 15 minutes south of Utica. You can bring someone along with you if it makes you feel safer and more confident. Having said that, please take into consideration that boyfriends/girlfriends are not always the most appropiate companion during a photoshoot. Parents/friends are always more cooperative and relaxed. Now that the winter is over, we also plan to do some outdoor photoshoots at various locations around the Mohawk Valley.

Do you provide a make up artist or a hair stylist?
We have partnered with a fantastic make up artist to assist us with shoots. However, due to the cost, the make up artist is not available for your first shoot with us. If everything goes well the first time, we'll schedule the next shoot with the make up artist in attendance. We are in the process of finding a hair stylist that is a perfect fit for us and the models that we work with.

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